Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Blog 2


Analyze the different networks coming out of college for students who commuted and those who did not and how those who lived on campus are better set up for success and those who commuted.

Pros of commuting: Cost saving, privacy, conveince
Pros of Living on campus; personal growth, accessible resources, deep friendship

Scholarly sources:

1) This report sought to test the hypothesis that living on campus fosters cognitive growth by estimating the relative freshman-year gains in reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning, and critical thinking of resident and commuter students at an urban university. Data were collected from 210 college freshmen students at a large research university in Chicago, of which 170 lived off campus. The study involved a pretest-posttest, quasi-experimental design in which comparison groups (residents versus commuters) were statistically equated on salient fall 1991 precollege variables. The data collected included a precollege survey that gathered information on student demographic characteristics and background data, and the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency, which assesses selected general skills typically obtained by students in the first 2 years of college. Controlling for precollege cognitive level, academic motivation, age, work responsibility, and extent of enrollment, resident students had significantly larger freshman year gains in critical thinking than did commuters. Contains 39 references. (GLR)


2) The Review of Higher Education


There are many different avenues I can pursue with this topic. I want to focus on the network the two types of students have coming out of college.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Blog 1

I have a few ideas in mind

-I want to do commuter vs living on campus. I know the experience is totally different as I have done both.

-Something along the lines of professors selling their own textbooks

-How football dominates the budget for all sports